The two temples

The next day we went to the beautiful Lotus temple.

On the sides of the temple were huge pools. And there was a beautiful garden that led you to the temple. We had to remove our shoes before we got inside.

The Lotus temple is a Bahai temple. When you got inside you had to sit quietly (or you would get thrown out).

The Lotus temple can be visited by anyone (JJeven youJJ) of any religion.

Next move was to the majestic Akshardham Temple. The temple was full with beautiful carvings and gigantic idols. There was a crowd.

Later we went to a shopping mall called Citywalk. All the families separated. Me and my parents drank coffee and donuts.

The people there in Delhi were stylish.

We then bought a few things and all of us together went to our bus. We had our dinner at Ammayi’s home. Me, Karthik and Tappu played video games.

After that long exciting day we went back to our guesthouse were we waited for the next morning to see Qutub Minar.


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