Merry X'mas

I will take a break from our Delhi trip. Today I decided to write about the Christmas party we had in my compound, here I go:

The party was at 6:00. We decided to go to the dentist because I had complained one of my molar teeth was hurting me. We all were getting ready to go but afterwards my dad wasn’t sure if the dentist was available. So I went out and saw that my friends were out decorating for the Christmas party. 

The drumstick tree was decorated with lights and balls which made it look like a Christmas tree instead of a drumstick tree! Alvin was riding his cycle, Allana and her mother and Slomo were there.

I and Slomo had to chase all the balloons that went rolling away. But even when we kept all the balloons on the playground off they went rolling again. Some even flew in the air. I noticed Allana was going to stand on a chair and stick letters saying Merry Christmas. She needed help. So I held the tape.

Slomo told us he had to go on Alvin’s roof to get a few tennis balls that were lying there. He brought a ladder and climbed up. Alvin had gone somewhere in the compound and when he returned he saw Slomo up the roof. Quickly he took the ladder away, leaving a stunned Slomo. “Bwa ha ha ha!” Laughed Alvin.

Well it took sometime to get Slomo down because Alvin was shaking the ladder all the time with Slomo hanging on for dear life. He jumped down from the 3rd step.

All the others came just when we finished putting on the decorations. The party was great. There were games such as housie, light the candle, etc. In light the candle Thambi uncle was my partner since I don’t have any siblings. We both were again partners in a race were they would tie our leg up and with the other leg you had to go to the finishing point.

After the games we waited for Santa Claus to come. He did take some time to come. But soon he came. I think he was Remya’s brother Ramon.Anyway, first he put lots of chocolates in our hands. But when Slomo shouted “Throw them into the air!” he started throwing them high up. We all tried to catch them. It was fun. Santa Claus soon went away. We then ate our food. 

After food, began the prize and the Christmas present distribution. Dad got a prize in Light the candle. He was really exited. 


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