First day at Delhi

Dear diary,

Let me shoot about what happened when we arrived at the Delhi airport.

Well, when we were at the Delhi airport we had to wait for uncle Ajay to pick us up. The reason we went to Delhi was that because of uncle Arvind's engagement. I think I had told you that before.

There were mostly dogs in Delhi. I seldom saw cats. I seemed to miss those little cute furballs. Because, well ….er... you know what it is.

Anyway, uncle Ajay soon came. We then kept our bags at the guest house of International Institute of Technology (IIT), just next of the guest house was the college.

After that, we went to Balaji Ammavan’s house. The people there were:
Karthik, Madhav, my cousin Thappu, aunt Subha and Ajay uncle, Balaji ammavan, Ammayi, uncle Arvind, aunt Renjitha, uncle Kanan, aunt Anu and uncle Hari. 

After sometime, all the ladies and me had to go for shopping. And I was so bored to death. I wished I was with the others who were in the park.

Mom had told me later I had to go with them because I had never seen the shops of Delhi. As if !!

You might think I love shopping just because I am a girl. Well the answer is NO. I am not like Betty and Veronica who just adore shopping. In fact, I don’t think its right to spend your money on clothes all the time.

We were going to see the Taj Mahal the next day so I will write about it tomorrow.

Ta-Ta ..


  1. Jaaans, very good. eagerly waiting for your new adventures :) Kannan / Ranji and Tapu


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