Respected Me

Today was really cool!

Our neighbour aunt Jyoti from Rajasthan invited me and Niharika for lunch because it was their festival. Nichiketh couldn’t come because he had stomachache. The real reason is boys can’t come as it is something I think tradition.

We had a lovely lunch. It was Puri with potato curry plus haluva. But before that, Aunty washed our feet. She first sprinkled some water then wiped our feet with a towel. After lunch, as a tradition we also got chocolates and 11 riyals. I felt really good because money and chocolate jingling in our hands, we felt rich, rich, rrrich! The money we got had to be spent by ourselves. I like their traditions! Then we went to a room where Niharika did some yoga.

After spending some more time, we went home, feeling important.


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