Cockroach Hunt

Last Friday morning, some pest-control men came to our house. They wore masks and sprayed pesticides everywhere, even inside the toilet bowl! We had to run out because of the smell inside the house. We sat inside our car. After the men left we went out for a long drive to escape from the smell.

We went out of the city and for the first time I saw the hanging bridge of Riyadh. The bridge got it name as it has only two pillars to stand on. We travelled through one pretty road. Actually it used to be a mountain, but the workers cut its middle and made it a road. On the two sides of the road the mountains are still there! I also saw many other things. There were some crazy street lights which were on because its twilight sensor wasn’t working. So they were still giving us light, though it was noon!

When we went home, my Mom went to open the gate. She wrinkled her nose and that told me and Dad “the smell isn’t good”. Me and Dad grabbed our masks and put it on. We gave Mom her mask too.

My parents told me to sit down in the living room while they cleaned the house. So I sat down comfortably and played some computer games.

Soon we found a dead cockroach in the kitchen. It was our first victim! The next day as  I stood outside waiting for school bus I found many dead cockroaches and beetles. One was near the wheels of our car.  They looked like they got electric shock.

Goodbye cockroaches, we are the boss now!


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