Cool Assembly

Gandhi Jayanti came soon and I got three days holidays! Can you believe it?

Before the holidays, on Wednesday I was late for school. So I and Carlie, my classmate, had to stand outside the auditorium for school assembly. It always hot inside the auditorium, so I was glad that I could enjoy the cool breeze and talk to Carlie. Nobody inside the auditorium was happy as they couldn’t enjoy the cool wind and talk. All they got was being hot, a long assembly, plus a boring play. Our principal made a long speech about the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. I could see that everybody, including my classmates were regretting why they were early, by looking at their faces when they came out.

This evening I played basketball with my friends in the compound. It was fun. My friends taught me how to shoot the ball into basket. Aren’t you thinking that I am lucky?


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