Summer of 2015

Phew! So the FA-2 exams are finally over! The last exam was yesterday. Now, its officially time for summer vacation. Mom and I are going to India tonight and Dad’s coming later.

Last week was really hectic so I’m looking forward towards the vacation. Kunjunni has already taken leave from school so that he can greet us at the airport. Kunjichechi’s first year at college starts in August, and since she was not able to spend much time with us last year due to studies, this time she plans to  be at our home 24/7. My grandparents are eagerly waiting for us as well. So it’s clear everyone is excited.

We’ll reach tomorrow morning at 9. That’s always what I like; reaching India in the morning. You can start off with the new day instead of the time when you reach there at night, and everyone nags you to go to bed even though you are not sleepy and want to do something else. 

Nanditha’s plane was today too, only hers was at noon and mine’s late night. Her flight had got postponed and rescheduled twice, so me and Chandana were soon teasing her. ‘The plane probably doesn’t want you as a passenger.’ Then we did a high-pitched version of the crew ‘OMG! Nanditha is coming too??!! Cancel the flight! Cancel the flight!’

Nanditha was disappointed when she found out we were both going on the same day but with different timings, so we would not be able to somehow bump into each other at the airport. She told everyone when standing near me ‘We are going on the same day, but this fool is going at night and me at noon’. So everyone would be like ‘Aww….. that’s too bad.’ And to other people but in same situations, I would say ‘We are going on the same day, but this idiot is going at noon and I am going at night.’ Same audience reaction, same glaring and staring competition between me and Nandu.

Nothing more better than fighting with your best friends. Chandana, Nanditha and I have debates on a few topics sometimes, but we are never serious. Its kind of like a laughing debate, since we constantly laugh. Usually its two against one in any combination, for example, when Nandu and I together irritate Chandu a few times when she tries to get a nap during free periods when there is nothing else to do, or when Chandana and I try to calculate how annoying Nanditha can get.

Our nicknames kind of rhyme too – Janu, Chandu and Nandu. We usually call and are called by our nicknames.

Anyways, see ya after the vaca!!!!!


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