Heidelberg Diary (Heidelberg Tagebuch)

Oookayyy, it’s been a pretty long time since I have posted anything and sorry for that. 9th grade has been taking control of my life so I have barely time to breathe.

 Heidelberg looks straight out of a Disney movie. An old castle, river, vintage  bridge, scenic hills, churches,  paved streets - everything together added up to its beauty. I was pretty sure this was the ultimate place for all poets of the world. 

We stayed at Goldener Falke. It was right in front of a square with several shops and cafés, and a fountain with a statue of Hercules on top.

The hotel was interesting and cool. There was a majestic view of castle outside the window. After getting refreshed and having our breakfast, we set out to explore Heidelberg.

Our hotel was very close to the Heidelberg castle. We could see the castle from anywhere. I soon noticed that we had no trouble finding our hotel and that it was in the perfect spot. Somehow we always wound up in front of it. We felt like Ferdinand Magellan.

I also observed that the pigeons were really tame, I mean, in India you don’t have to go 3 feet near a pigeon to scare it but this was different. One pigeon pecked some bread crumb near my foot, and it didn’t even flinch when I shook my foot.

Dad took plenty of pictures. PLENTY. Even if I get annoyed for posing several times, looking at the photos later is always fun. So we posed every 3 seconds. I fought for the camera and took random photos of the river, hills and street. My parents complained ‘That’s why we have Google images.’

The days began to fly past. We went to several places, one such being the Philosopher’s walk. Man, we walked!

It would also be an insult to forget the darling Bridge Monkey. Mom made me pose next to it several times for photos and touch its mirror and the mouse beside it because apparently, it was a belief that you would be able to come back to Heidelberg if you did. In fact, we took so many pictures and touched the mirror so many times, I was sure the next time I would go to Heidelberg because of the Bridge Monkey, it would say ‘Duh’. 

The Heidelberg castle was also the home to the world’s largest wine barrel. When we went to see it, we first saw a wine barrel. It was pretty huge, so we took several pictures. Then we went inside to the other room, where I took the opportunity to name the first barrel ‘Barrel Jr.’ Because this barrel was HUMONGOUS. Dad was pretty grumpy because he had thought the other barrel was the one and he had stood and bent and squat everywhere to take the perfect picture of us next to it.

We also were able to witness the marathon which took place once every year. It was right outside our hotel. We were having breakfast when we saw several people running past the window. It was really cool. Everyone was really into it. People of all ages were participants. 70-year-olds ran with the agility of a 20-year-old.

On the Old Bridge, thanks to Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series, I had a lot of interest in trying to identify the statues since I know all about the Greek gods and goddesses. I was able to successfully identify Minerva, Roman goddess of war, in several ways.

We enjoyed sitting outside at café’s, sipping coffee and watching everything going on during the evening. Our square was perfect, with several restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Our favorite restaurant was a Vietnamese one. Three words- BEST. FOOD. EVER!!!


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