India's new prime minister

This week has been really busy!

Most of Mom’s friends have come to Riyadh from India because now it is summer vacation in India.

Mom is so excited, that once she starts talking she almost never stops unless she notices me and Dad are not listening. Added to this she talks and laughs really loud too. Me and Dad sympathize about our neighbors.

Seema aunty, Daliya aunty, Liji aunty, Shijitha aunty – we met all of Mom’s friends in these two weeks.  Uncle Rainson’s parents are in Riyadh. We had a great evening when they came over.

Narendra Modi has now become newly elected prime minister of India. It feels kind of weird because I can only remember Dr. Manmohan Singh’s name for all these years as Prime Minister but now since Prime Minister has changed, I feel everything changed.

I went for cluster meet tryouts of badminton and I could not get even one shot! I was so embarrassed. Usually I can play really well.

Dad wanted to lose the weight he had always dreamt of losing. So he installed this app called ’Abs workout’  in his phone. They showed all these exercises which looked easy but was actually kind of tough. You had to lie down and lift your leg and neck and then breathe in, breath out and all other types. He did them once, complained of body pain the next day, and then did them again. He took a solemn oath to do the exercises every day, but the oath was broken as soon as he got next body pain.                                 


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