Maharaja by Vineet at Riyadh!

“Do you know Vineet Bhatia is opening his restaurant in Riyadh?”

Mom asked.  I was standing with her in the kitchen.

“He is opening ‘Maharaja’ in September. It is beside Chilis.” 

“Who is Vineet Bhatia?” I asked. “He is a famous chef of India. His cookery show comes on Travel and Living channel.”

Mom loves watching Travel and Living.  They show a variety of places, steaks, ice-creams, sandwiches etc. But she does not want to experiment any type of different food. I would have protested against that but then I realized I probably would lose my love for those foods ;-) 

Google is going to release self driving cars. Dad showed me this on Larry Page’s Google+. The bright side is that it would be really useful for old people and kids. The day when there will be only self-driving cars will be a great day. We will just have to ask parent’s permission and then we can go by ourselves to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream, or to a friend’s house or to the park or anything. And this time our parents will not be able to make excuses and escape like they are busy, or that they are really tired or anything like that. The down side is that I probably will never get my driver’s license.

Do you know that some time back in Turkey they genetically engineered real, live glow-in-the-dark-rabbits?

It’s true! 2 rabbit babies had jellyfish genes through genetic engineering and they started glowing in the dark.  That is truly amazing! This was told to us by Aisha Ma’am, our Biology teacher. 


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