Another busy weekend

“Next, we will go to NEXT”  Mom said, grinning.

My father and I chuckled. We were having a long day of all types of shopping. Dress and grocery shopping took a lot of time always.

My FA-1 had finally finished and after 7 days of exams, I was ready to sit back and enjoy the weekend. But my Mom had other plans. We had to complete a load of shopping which we did over the 2 days. So when I went to school on Sunday, my eyelids were feeling heavy and I was ready to use the table as a bed and my bag as a pillow.

Nobody seemed well in my class. Rabia and Sauda had headaches, some people had cold, and others were ready to go to sleep. I was suffering from all the above. There had been a sandstorm on both days of weekend, and we all had been victims. 

So, last week and this week had and will be a total drag, according to my calculations. To make things worse, a rumor had been spreading that the FA-2 exams would be starting early. I was like “Just great!”

Sunday is not exactly my favorite day because it’s right after the weekend. I am always in mixed feelings when I walk into my class on a Sunday morning: happiness (because I can have fun with my friends), terror (that the next weekend is still 4 days away), bitterness (why did the weekend have to finish so soon??) and more. In fact, now that I think about it, that’s probably why they call weekdays “weak days’’.


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