End of grade Six


I am sooooo happy! SA-2 (Summative Assessment) has finally finished.

Now, there are 2 weeks stretched in front of me which I am going to spend by watching TV, playing games on the computer, reading books etc.  And of course, no studies.

I am going to be in 7th grade and I already feel so grown up. I can still not believe how fast time flew.

Today, my BFF Daniya is hosting a party and I am also invited. She has also invited my other 2 best friends, Anne and Chandana. Since Daniya is leaving Riyadh and going to India, this is  a goodbye  party. The 4 of us are best friends and we always stayed together as a group. I love them all so much J. 

Daniya said we could wear a traditional dress so I am going to wear my mango-colored latcha. Anne said she would wear her churidhar, and Chandana planned to wear her half-sari.

On the first day of the holidays, we went to AppleBees for dinner. Yum! Just thinking of the food served there makes me hungry! We felt really full and had no room for desert.  But it was still a great dinner and we all waddled into the car.


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