Daniya's party

Remember that in my last post I told you that my BFF Daniya invited me to her party? Here is how it went……

We were to have dinner at Daniya’s house. I was really excited when we reached their home. We had parked our car outside a restaurant near their home.  Daniya and Anne came soon and we walked to their flat together. Daniya had worn a white anarkali and Anne had put on white pants and a black top.  They said I looked very different in my latcha, open hair and lip gloss.

Anne said she came 10 minutes earlier than the time we were supposed to reach there. Daniya said, ”She came so early I was just putting on my eye shadow and I still had not combed my hair”. “I hope she was not scared when she saw you” I joked.   

Chandana arrived 10 minutes after me. This time, all 3 of us went to meet her. She refused to remove her abayya, for some reason she felt embarrassed. I think it is because she usually wears traditional clothes like a skirt or latcha, but this time she was wearing western dress. But we made her remove it anyway. She had worn a red top, jeans and heels. “Who is this stylish girl?” I teased and she threw a pillow at me.             

Daniya’s party was an awesome party. We all had great fun. We all chatted, telling jokes , listening to music  and played on Daniya’s iPad. Our parents had to pick us up at 8 and by the time it was 8, we still not had dinner. Since we had brought our mobiles with us, me, Anne and Chandana walked around, talking to our parents, telling them that they had to pick us at 9 instead at 8. Our parents agreed and we were in glee.

We had biriyani, fish, chicken, and salad for dinner and desert was ice-cream. It was delicious. Daniya’s mom said that we could have vanilla, butterscotch or chocolate ice-cream. I opted for the chocolate.

Daniya had 2 small turtles, they were so cute. I held one of them, they were smaller than the palm of my hand. We put one of the turtles on the carpet. It crawled fast, so we also crawled fast behind it. We all looked silly crawling on the floor like that.

We were all sad when our parents came. We said goodbye to Daniya and thanked her for inviting us. “I will miss you when you go to India, Danu” I said, and gave Daniya a hug.


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