Detective Nair

They say that time flies quickly, and I now reluctantly agree with them.

I cannot believe that 2 weeks sped by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday I had finished my exams. Now there are only 4 more days as holidays, school is reopening on Monday and is the beginning of 7th grade too.

My cousins are soooo lucky, they now have summer vacation for 2 months.

Every morning Dad drops me at school and afternoon I come back by school van. Malaika, Marilyn, Faiz, Ravika, Abdul Aziz, and Nimisha are the kids in my van. Malaika is the eldest among us, she is going to be in 9th grade now.

One day Abdul Aziz (the youngest in our bus, he is going to begin the second grade), was babbling about how he went to the computer class, and when he came back to his class he found that somebody had stolen his pouch which had all his pencils and eraser in it, and how he was going to punch the face of the person who stole his pouch.  I tried to make him calm down.

I whipped out my pen and my spare notebook. “Call me Detective Nair” I said in a professional voice. I wrote the word ‘Notes’ in my notebook.  On top I had written “The case of the Missing Pouch”.   Malaika and Marilyn watched, interested.

“Okay” I said in a professional voice. “I shall start asking questions. And you tell me the answer clearly so that I can find out who stole it. Is that understood?’’ He nodded.

I cleared my throat and then the following conversation began:

Detective Nair – Where were you at the time of the theft?

Abdul Aziz – In the computer lab.

DN – During which period were you there in the computer lab?

AA – 5thperiod.

DN  – Did any of your classmates come late to the computer lab?

AA – No, we all stood in a line and came together to the computer lab.

DN – Did anybody go back to your class during the period?

AA – No

DN – This sure is a tough case.

I closed my notebook. “That will be enough information”.

“Did you find out who did it?” he asked me. “Umm….. I will let you know next week” I said, I knew he would forget this soon.


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