The first kid to get The Third Wheel @ Jarir Bookstore!

The winter holidays have started and now I am totally looking forward to the whole of the two weeks that are stretching out in front of me.

But there are many obstacles lying in front like the dozens of projects that I have to complete before the holiday finishes.

Seriously, why do teachers have to give projects and holiday homework? It is almost like this in every vacation.


If I ever become a school principal, the most important rule will be, No holiday homework!


We went to Jarir bookstore today to buy some things that I needed to make my projects and besides, I also wanted to check if the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel had been released.

We could not find it anywhere and I was a teeny bit disappointed because I really wanted to read it.

Later I just took a few books, sat on a bench and began to read.

I was halfway through Big Nate Goes for Broke (I love Big Nate) when Dad came over and said that I needed to go with him to the counter. “They have that Wimpy Kid book” he said, smiling.

I was really happy and when we reached the counter, the salesman whipped out a bunch of books. And there right in the middle was my darling book!

“You are the first kid in Jarir to get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was brought just today. We sent a man to get it from the warehouse, which was why at first you could not find it” explained the salesman. We thanked him and I went back to my bench hugging my book.

I have to go now my friends! I have to read my books.  Ciao!


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