Oscar for Valyachan - will the dream come true?

‘’ It is Valyamma” Mom said, handing me the phone. I spoke, “Hello?” No answer. I spoke again “Hellllooooo”?

The next thing I knew, Dad was kneeling beside my bed and asking, “Janu, what is the matter?“

That was when I knew it was all a dream, except the part where Dad was asking me what happened. Anyway, I felt too lazy to answer him and soon, I was asleep.

I think the reason why I had this dream is because last couple of days Amma and Valymma was always over the phone.

I laughed out loud in the morning when I and my parents recalled the events that had happened previous night. Sometimes I do get confused between my dreams and what really happened. And one time my Dad thought that one of his dreams was real….

We were at Dammam for few days since my Dad had to go there for a business trip and we were all at our hotel and on the bed. Both my parents were out cold. I was just simply lying when Dad suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and examined himself. I wondered why and asked him the reason. Apparently he had a dream in which he caught chickenpox and was covered in red spots all over.

My Valyachan Sreevalsan J. Menon (father of Rockstar Nara), composed background music and 2 songs for the movie Saint Dracula. And now, that movie has been qualified to be among the 100 movies competing for the Oscar award.  It is a dream comes true for all of us. All the Indian newspapers had his name on it for the past 2 days.

We are all very excited and happy now and we are all eagerly waiting for the results.  I really hope Saint Dracula wins.


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