Children's problems

 “Papa! Papa! Where are you?” the little boy called. He wandered still calling out “Papa!”

We had gone to Lulu and I watched a boy who was looking for his father. He was lost and looked close to tears. I decided to help. But he had already gone, still calling out for his father. 

I felt sorry for him as he now sobbed a little while still calling.   

I saw a news article that was also related about a child and his parents. It said…

Two parents have been jailed for hurting their child in Norway. Apparently, the child had been burnt with a very hot spoon and also had been beaten by his parents badly. He had many bruises on his body and some burnt marks. They are Indians. The father has been jailed for 18 months and the mother for 15 months.

I was shocked and astonished when I read this. I never imagined that a small boy could be hurt that much and that too by his own parents!

My Dad joked that now he was very scared of me and he will try to not scold me again. 

He does not scold me too much anyway.

Last week school was not too exciting. We studied at the Quran classroom for 3 days because our class had become dominated by the 4 year olds. There was going to be a parent teacher interaction for the younger children and that was why this happened.
After those 3 desperate-for-our-old-classroom days, we were all relieved when we went back to our old class today.

And the Quran sir seemed relieved too.                                                                                                                                                                               


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