Music, Music ....

I felt a tap on my shoulder during the school assembly. I twirled around and saw my classmate Lynn.  “It’s music sir.” she whispered. “He seems to want to talk to you”. I looked in the front and sure enough, my music teacher was looking at me. I shoved my way through the sea of students and went to him “Err….sir, didn’t you call me?’’  

That’s when I knew I was in the choir.  He made me stand with the school choir girls. So we have to sing the national anthem on the stage’s stairs in front of everybody when assembly’s finished.

Sir’s been putting me in a few things that are involved in music and I think I know why.
See, last year I won third prize for singing. So now you know why sir has been totally on top of things.

He even made me sing with a few other girls for our school in a National anthem competition. It was an inter-school competition, which means a few other schools were there too.

I had to copy notes for the subjects I missed during Jana- Gana-Mana practice. But the music practice was fun.

And on the day of the competition Dad had to drive me to a school called Mahatma International School. I guess Dad was a teeny bit upset because Friday is the only day he gets a full- day holiday from office. But he was excited to see me sing too.

Everybody said we sang nicely, even though our school didn’t win.  And I am relieved for that.


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