Changes in my schedule

It’s been nice for sometime, and I really don’t want to spoil anything.

Mom says I have to change my schedule from first doing homework, studying and then playing, unless I would like to pop out a big tummy. She said after I get up from my afternoon nap, I have to play from 5 to 6:30, then study and do my homework. And that’s fine with me since now a few of my friends have been coming out to play.

I have been eating fewer things that contain chocolate and other kind of fat, since I am trying to be slim and mom said I have been improved a lot.

Mom likes sweets too, but doesn’t eat them that much now. I remember that last year teachers distributed some kind of sweet which really tasted like “wow!”. I figured mom might like it too and decided to save some. But I couldn’t resist myself. So there was only a very tiny bit left for her. When I reached home, I forgot about the sweet and when mom washed my lunch box, out went that tiny piece of sweet! But now I can control myself.

Yesterday was our principal’s birthday. There was small celebration in the school. He visited everybody’s class and we all gave him a hug.

Tomorrow I have to go to school because me and a few girls were selected for a jana-gana-mana competition and we will be singing for our school.

Wish me luck!


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