Evening at Abad Nucleus Mall

“Vroom, vroom....“ The auto rickshaw stopped. The excited voices of three children came loud and clear and the adults chatted about cooking recipes. They went inside the spick-and–span, spacious mall.

Me and my cousins, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi, were about to have a pleasant time. Aunt Indu and my mom had gone to see our flat which is now being furnished. Then after taking some rest, we had gone to my cousin’s home and picked them up. Now we jumped here and there, our mothers looking at us to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. The mall was called Abad Nucleus.

First we had a good snack which contained burger and chocolate cake washed down by Pepsi. Then us kids had marched to the kid’s area, played a few games, and won a teddy bear.

Later Kunjunni went down to the ground floor and asked for money to buy a food item. Then we bought it. We were given a spoon and a fork. Our plates were filled with chocolate and we were given a small piece of biscuit and cake. We had to dip them into the chocolate liquid. Lovely! It was sheer bliss.

Later we decided to go to our mothers at the ground floor. Kunjunni told us that when he had gone to take money, they were at a shop called Food Bazaar. So we took the lift to the ground floor.

We had explored almost the whole shop until we realized they were not there. As we walked out of the shop, we saw them sitting on a bench opposite to the shop. They had seen everything like a security camera.

And that’s when we paid them back.

We asked our moms if we could go to the bookstore on the first floor. The reply we got was “Yes but remember, only 10 minutes. “

10 minutes later, we went down but this time the escalator lead us behind the bench were our moms were sitting. We hid behind a pillar and tried not to explode as they looked at their watches and up again. It was only when they got up that we emerged and had a good laugh.

Soon we took an auto rickshaw and went back home.


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