An exciting day at Thodupuzha

“And it was an exciting day”, Mom finished telling the story to Dad. I am talking about our Thodupozha trip when we were on vacation.

We had woken up early in the morning and had waited for Sethu kochamma and Kochachan. They had offered to pick us up and come with us to Thodupuzha because of a special occasion which would happen at Divya chitta’s husband’s house.

I liked their house. Calm and quiet, with 3 small garden ponds filled with fishes and a small stream near by. But the nicest thing that pleased me was nil mosquitoes! That’s because of the fishes in the garden pond, which would gobble them up. This is one of the best places on earth.

Uncle Prasanth and uncle Mahesh were there too. Uncle Prasanth took some photos of me and showed me all around. He is a regular reader of my blog. He is going to get married in January with aunt Vani.

Divya’s chitta had a big tummy since she is pregnant. All grown ups settled afterwards in the living room, where there was a table loaded with goodies. Everybody except me had to feed Divya chitta with small piece of sweet. It was a nice function.

After the sadya all of us filed out. We went to Dad’s home. When we reached there we could hardly believe our eyes! Grass had grown everywhere and the pebbles were hidden. The house had lost its friendliness because of this grass. At the back a few dandelions had grown. It was incredible.

Later we went to Divya chitta’s home, spend a few minutes and went back to Ernakulam. It was an exciting day.


  1. Hi Janaki kutty,

    I got the chance to read some of your blogs, very impressive. Prasanth kochakka told me about your blog and I was keen on reading your diary. Thank you for mentioning me. You seem to be an extremly bright and smart girl. I look forward to seeing you in January for the wedding. Keep up the great work mollu :)


    Vani chechi

  2. Dear Vani chitta,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am very much looking forward to see you in January.




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