Book Talk

I love books!

Give me a children’s book and I will sit there with my head buried in it. My room is filled with books.

Before we went to India, we ordered some books through flipkart. We had given the address of Grandpa and the books reached there before we did.

Grandpa was in the hospital for a week. Mom and Granny went everyday to see him. Sometimes they didn’t take me along, so I would get bored. And guess what I did? I would take a few books, march to my grandparent’s bedroom, turn on the light and fan and sit there reading.

Sometimes I would read for a long time. My grandparents would take the book away and say my eyes need rest.

Valyamma bought me 2 Enid Blyton books which are my favorite now. Dad sent a few more books through flipkart afterwards, and Mom bought me another 2 from DC books while we were waiting at the airport for our flight to Riyadh.

These are some of the new books I like - The Smurfs and the Egg, Diary of Amos Lee, Tintin in Tibet, Adventures of Suppandi, mysteries of Enid blyton and books of Judy Blume.


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