Wonderful days

Last 2 days have been lots of fun. On Sunday this is what happened………………

Alana called us to her home for dinner just like that. We were supposed to go at 9pm. So we had to finish playing by then. Rohini went to Alana’s home, Slomo had gone shopping and Albin was away studying at his home. That left me, Raja, Aisha, and Tolha at the ground. The 4 of us were practicing basketball. Afterwards, we were thirsty and hungry. So we sat on the bench. Then Raja informed us it was 9. He then went home. “Alana told she would come and call us to her home when it was 9” Tolha mumbled. “Well, there is no use waiting now” I told him “Let’s go!”

At Alana’s home aunty greeted us. She told us to go home, change our clothes and freshen up. That we did.

At their home there were only me, the twins (Raja and Rohini), Tolha and Aisha. The food was from outside. Before it came we were watching the movie “Night at the museum”.  Aunty even gave us home made tasty carrot cake.

Dinner was KFC.  I took a few french-fries, one piece of chicken and some coleslaw. The food was yummy and we were all full. Afterwards we went home.

Last night all of us contributed our money enough to buy 2 pizzas. Each of us gave Alana’s mom the money and settled that we would be having 2 family pizzas of chicken and cheese.
When the pizzas came, it was big but the slices were thin so we ate 3 slices without any hesitation. We then drank Pepsi, told jokes and asked riddles. 

What wonderful days!!!!!!!!!!!


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