Ready to go...

More 4 days to go … and then I will be in India!!!

I love when packing starts. I don’t like waiting at the airport though and the only ways to entertain myself at the airport are:
  • Read a book
  • Eat a sandwich and drink cappuccino

           I am a great bookworm so I always pack a few books to read when I am feeling bored. In the aircraft I try to go to sleep but it is useless.

We haven’t started packing till now but Mom has ironed our clothes and dusted the suitcase so it will be easier for us. We are mostly taking full-sleeve shirts and pants because in India there are mosquitoes. The only thing I hate is that I am mostly the target for mosquitoes and that really annoys me. L

Kunjunni, Savitri, and Kunjichechi are just as excited as I am. Savitri lives in another city far away, so I wonder how many times I will see her.  

Whenever I get good marks, Dad gives me some pocket money. But I don’t spend, I just save them in my purse.  So I am planning to spend the money in India and enjoy with my cousins. There are wonderful plans like to go to Oberon mall and play games in the kid’s area, dinner at KFC etc.

Get ready folks, I’m on my way!


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