Film shooting at home

I have written about my Dad’s home earlier, right people?

But that doesn’t mean I wrote all about it. So here I go:

After grandpa passed away, grandma moved to Bangalore with aunt Smitha. Few months after, they came back for a short vacation and when they reached our house there they saw a sad sight. Few flower pots have been broken and the well had been filled with rubbish. There were few other things that were damaged too. They were puzzled. Obviously there was lot of people who had done this, but whom?

Almost the same time uncle Ajay called us from Bahrain and told that he has seen our house on TV. Some people were shooting a film there.

Now all the puzzle pieces fitted into place. So that meant the film people were looking for a pretty house to shoot a movie. When they saw our home they thought it was a lovely place. With the help of our maid they shot the movie there, damaging a few things as they went by.

So Dad called them and gave a piece of his mind. He would be calling the police if they didn’t repair the house to its normal shape. That made them cold feet and began to fix the house.

Here you can see the movie with scenes of our home.

See our mango tree, well and house; isn’t it beautiful?


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