Two Poojas

The next day we went to the Ayyappa temple since there was some pooja Balaji Ammavan had planned. Our lunch was the prasadam from the temple.

In the evening we went to aunt Paromita’s house because there was another pooja too. Uncle Arvind was present. He and Aunt Paromita sat on a carpet on the floor. All the elders blessed them. A priest was there, doing the rituals.

We were given some tasty laddoos to eat during the pooja.  Yummy!  And not only that, after the pooja we all went out to the garden where a buffet was waiting for us.  There were lots of tasty food like vadapavu, alu tikki, pani puri etc..   I don’t know the name of some. Double yummy!

When we were taking our food, we saw an amazing sight. There was a peacock near our neighbor’s house!

After that we all went back the guesthouse, but we had to go to the gardens again because there was going to be a feast both Uncle Arvind and Aunt Paromita had planned. Triple yummy!

The next day was the engagement. It was cool.  Some waiters were carrying tiny food items like pieces of chicken for us all to eat. There were even drinks like soda, pepsi, sprite etc.  Some chairs and tables were outside and some were inside the hotel. There was even a fountain.

The next day we all had to go back home. And that was the end of our Delhi trip.


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