Spy Camera

Last Saturday was sports day.  We had to do our drill that day.  We had to do marching, wishing and some other exercises in front of the whole school. We were happy when we had drill practice before the sports day because we could miss a few classes.

The pom-pom dances were great.  I heard that the house Hejaz (I am in Hejaz) got the 1st prize in dance and 3rd prize in relay race.  Yippee!

But when all the pom-pom girls were dancing, some of us spotted a small camera under the gate, spying on us all. The principle climbed a tree and saw a boy outside the gate sitting beside the camera. It was the principal’s turn to spy now! The boy however must have felt the principal’s eyes following because he suddenly ran away, taking the camera with him.   


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