To all future CBSE 9th graders

School ended more than a week ago, leaving us less than one more  week before we reach 10th grade.

To be honest, ninth grade seemed to be the longest year of our lives. At the beginning of the year, we were glowing; at the end, everyone looked dazed.

Teachers would love to make us scared out of our wits. They’d say how much of a traumatizing effect ninth would have on all of us, and how hard it was, and only the strong-minded managed to make it out alive. At  the end of every spiel, we’d exchange nervous looks with each other and look up in desperation.

Of course, the teachers didn’t actually say all this out loud,but it was clearly implied when they talked.

Then of course, we had friends to assure us, that all this was true. But, they said, tenth grade was much more easier.

I know this all sounds like we had been condemned to hell last year, but trust me all future ninth-graders when I tell you the experience wasn’t that bad. Well, not as much as it was told to us anyways.   

The truth is, 9th grade was different from previous grades, which made it hard.

To move on to lighter notes- nearly one week of vacation still left!

Of course, I’m pretty sure no one can survive a vacation, a week, a day or a few hours, without the benefactor of mankind, which is wi-fi.

Whoever can survive without wi-fi, in my opinion, deserves a medal, because in most houses, nearly everything runs on wi-fi (human beings included).


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