And then there were none

Yesterday I watched the 1945 film “And then there were none”, based on the book by Agatha Christie!

It was really entertaining, even though the end was nothing like how the book said. The pretty girl, Vera and the dashing guy who turned out not to be Philip Lombard, but his friend, managed to escape the island, possibly getting married after they reached home. The movie had also altered the crimes and names of some people, but other than that, it was nearly the same.

I’d read the book before from our school library. According to everyone, it’s one of the best books Agatha Christie has ever written.

Chocolate syrup was used in some of the old black-and-white movies as fake blood, like in the Hitchcock movie, “Psycho”, which I should have probably known earlier so that I could have prevented freaking out over the gruesome scenes.


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