You don't miss the school, do you?

I wish to convey this simple message to all parents- when your child says ‘I miss school’, he/she means that they miss their friends, the regular fun and their favorite teachers. Not the school. Because eventually, this simple line can backfire, when your parents make the mistake of thinking you miss the studies, the waking up early in the morning and the exams.

News Flash: ‘The Conjuring- Part 2’ releases on June 10th!

I nearly fainted when I saw the news yesterday. I rather go bungee jumping, or parachute diving, or surfing with sharks, if it means I can stay out of the way of all creepy things possible.

Of course, I applaud Valyamma and Valyachan for their bravery, for they saw ‘The Conjuring’, at the theater, in 3D. If it had been me, eventually I would have been found lying on the ground yelling “MAKE IT GO AWAY! MAKE IT GO AWAY!” ­

Actually, since it being so scary, no one below the age of eighteen was allowed to watch the movie at the theater. I find it reasonable.


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