Couch potato weekend

Exam week was upon us, and now it’s over! This officially marks the end of all the FA’s of ninth grade. It also marked the beginning of the weekend where I did nothing and acted like a total couch potato.

Now all that’s left is the SA-2, and then curtains closed on this year.

On the recommendation of my friends, I read the ‘Wings’ series by Aprilynne Pike. It was pretty great. Out of the four books in the series, “Illusions”, the third book, was the best. When the gang discovered Yuki was a winter faerie, I was like “Oh my god!”

My parents and I watched the movie ‘True Grit’ yesterday. I liked the way the actress who played Mattie delivered her lines, for it was flawless and clear and her voice was perfect for the lines she spoke.

TaylorSwift stuns everyone with her new music video ‘Out of the woods’! When the trees came up on the beach and formed the letters ‘Out of the woods’ that was totally sweet! Although from what I garnered from the video, T-Swift likes to fall down a lot.  

Of course, since Taylor Swift is my favorite singer (she always has been since the time I was in the 5th grade, her songs never get old), she’s already bagged several spots in my mind when I think of my favorite songs, but then again, there are others.

“Girl on fire”, “Hey everybody”, “Thousand years”, “Jar of hearts”, “Innocence”, and so many songs I love listening to, it would take me forever to type them all out. 


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