2 Pizza Parties

The First Pizza Party (FPP)-

Status- Feeling frenzy, feeding frenzy

Host/Hostess- My good friend, Linda

Message for Linda- My dear friend……..I just wanted to tell you that, *feeling emotional* you threw a party that mainly consisted of my favorite food, pizza, *sob* and I am so sorry. I was the culprit. I ate 3 slices of the pepperoni pizza that there was barely any left. I am so sorry!

Linda threw a pizza party at Pizza Hut. She was working hard to get everyone what they wanted and for that I just love her. It was an open table, so 12 of us were chatting so loudly and so much that the manager had to shush us once. Twice. Thrice. Then through gritted teeth, he kicked us out of the dining area after we were done and told us to ‘sit quietly’ in the waiting area.

But luckily that was AFTER we took tons of pictures on our phones, went to the bathroom to take selfies, ate too much, sat in the next empty booth and took a new round of selfies, and drove the other customers crazy.

The experience of it was just too fun. And since we were all together and having a good time, the fun doubled!

Second Pizza Party (SPP)

Status- Elsa, Anna and me

Host/Hostess- Aamna the Great

Message- Loved the party games Aamna! Unfortunately I didn’t win any of them! :-(

I also hate my dear friend Chandana. For winning 3 games (or was it 4???!!!!). Out of 5. And making a tie with me and Rakshanda in the last game. And still winning it. (GRRR!!!)

Aamna’s party theme was on the movie ‘Frozen’. We had a ‘Frozen’ dress code and a ‘Frozen’ party game.

Aamna looked beautiful in her dress. She had 5 party games. In the 4th one, she would spray snow-spray on us continuously while dropping balloons and balls on the floor at the same time. Whoever grabbed the most balloons and balls won. I was robbed after some of mine fell down.

Thank you for the parties, my friends. You have made every moment more special for me. Let us always celebrate with pizzas in mind. 


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