Nara Speaking!

This blog post is really special because it has been written by not just me, but also with my cousin Kunjunni.

So, right now, Kunjunni is sitting next to me, pondering on what to write. He actually has never seen someone BWIA (Blog Writing In Action). Therefore, he is going to try it out too.

Hi, I am Kunjunni here (also known as Narayanan, Rock star Nara, Detective Nara etc). A few days back, there was an exhibition held at my school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya. We had to prepare 2 charts and the topics were “History of music” and “Father of music”, Purandara Dasa.  
As my friends and I were roaming around, we met Janu, listening carefully to a girl explaining about DNA. She said she would see our charts later as she wanted to check other things too.

When we were admiring our hard work, our music teacher walked up to us and said “You have made a big mistake in one of your charts. Instead of writing about Purandara Dasa, you have written about someone else.” Oopsie.

We had to spend another awful night re-making the chart which increased not only our concentration but also our frustration.

Even though, the next day was Saturday, the exhibition was still going on but I had taken a day –off and passed the chart to my friend. The reason for the leave was because my sister (Kunji chechi) and I, Janu, Savithri and Shanku were going on an outing on a houseboat, along with our families.

We will write about our trip later.

This is Kunjunni and Janaki signing off.


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