In the Land of Coconuts ...

It has been 2 weeks since I reached Kerala and we have had a family gathering, seen a movie and done some shopping.

Unfortunately for me, my cousins’ exams are going on but they managed to squeeze some time to have a lot of fun with us.

I, Kunjunni and Dad saw the movie “How To train Your Dragon 2” at PVR and we enjoyed it a lot. Well, at least I and Kunjunni enjoyed. Dad never saw the first part so I don’t think he understood a lot. But in any case, the movie received loud cheers and applause at the end.

Achamma (Dad’s mom) along with uncle Sujesh, reached Kerala from Bangalore the day after we reached India. So we had a family gathering with all our relatives, had a great time.

Kunji chechi’s Fa-1 exams finished 2 days back and now she is a free bird. But for poor Kunjunni, his exams are finishing only tomorrow.

His crafts teacher had told the class they needed to buy a pot and paint it. You get these materials in the store. So, the night before the Hindi exam, when I was at his home, he asked if I could help. We painted it with yellow in the middle and red on the sides.

For Earth-Care day at school, Kunjunni and his friend are to sing a song penned by their Physics teacher. The tune was given by Valyachan (Sreevalsan J Menon) and here is a sneak peek of the song.


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