The mystery of the missing bicycle

Rockstar Nara’s career changed into Detective Nara.

He solved “The mystery of the missing bicycle”.  These were the clues:

·        There were no clues

These were the notes:

·        A bicycle was missing
·        Its owner was Detective Nara’s best friend, Abhijit
·        The lock of the cycle had got broken before, making it easy for the culprit to get cycle and make a clean getaway.

The funny thing is, Detective Nara solved the mystery before he knew what had happened.

Curious? Astonished? Impressed? I sure was.

Actually, what happened was that Nara was riding at the back of Grandpa’s scooter when he noticed a bicycle near an old house, hidden between bushes.  He tried to remember where he had seen it before, but he was not able to remember.

At school, Abhijit told him what had happened. Then Nara quickly remembered about the cycle he had seen and described it to Abhijit. He got an excited ‘’ Yes, that must be mine! How did you find it! Where is it? Why is it there? How did it get there?” Abhijit bombarded him with questions and Nara finally managed to calm him down.

Together, they went there after school to check if it was the right one. It sure was. They came back again, this time with a few older students. They rang the doorbell and an old woman with 4 teeth opened the door and gaped at them. 

“My cycle has been stolen and it is there on your front yard. Someone took it. Do you know about it?” 

The old woman gave them a long explanation oh-my-grand son-takes-it-every-day-he-buys-milk-with-it-he-goes-to-school-on-it but Nara and his friends went over and took it anyway because Abhijit was completely sure it was his and there was even a scratch which he pointed out was there from before it was taken.

While they retrieved the stolen property from the crime scene, they heard a dog barking but they did not see the dog. One of the older boys said “Er…. It probably is a dog’s bark recorded to scare people away.” Everyone laughed nervously.

Abhijit was so grateful he presented Nara with a “Bingo!” the next day, and Nara thanked him with a “Burp!” after he ate the chips.

Mystery solved!


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