Back from India...

Hey everybody! It’s me, Janaki.

Whoops!  I am starting to sound like Mickey Mouse. You know, like how he says,

“Hey everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse. Say, ya wanna see my club house?”
And no matter how hard you scream “No!” he says, “Then let’s go to the club house. Oh, I forgot that we have to say the magic word. Misca Moosca Mouse ca doodles! Come on, say it with me”

It’s pretty weird stuff, considering the fact that we have to say the words that make absolutely NO sense at all.

I came back from India on the 11th of August, with sadness and sleepiness, because we left home at 11 at night, so I had a quick nap in the car while going to the airport.

So, I was pretty grumpy and sleepy when we reached the airport, for I had been having such a good dream. For a sec, I did not even care leaving India, which might have been a good thing because otherwise I would probably run screaming “I don’t want to go back!” to the car. But then, I remembered the fun I had all those days, and I was pretty much back to square 1.

A lot of things happened while we were in India. I caught viral fever, a big bummer since I had it for 5 days and lost my appetite,  felt tired AND pretty much made everyone in the house crazy by coughing and coughing and sniffing.  The first day was the worst.  Just my luck.  Mum had made chicken biriyani, but due to fever, I had no appetite and hardly ate a handful.

I saw 2 movies this time, “Turbo” and “Singham”. Both movies were nice, especially “Turbo”.


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