Happy 2013

“God, how fast the year went!” Mom was saying yesterday. She gave a glance at the calendar. “Today is the last day of 2012’’. She reminded me “Soon, you will be in 7th grade.”

Happy New Year!

I would like to have a flashback of the events that happened in 2012.

  1. We went to India twice
  2. We had our flat’s housewarming
  3. Me and my cousins had a lot of fun
  4. I attended 2 marriages (uncle Prasanth ’s and Gouri’s marriage)

Altogether, it was a great year.

It was Kunjunni’s birthday on Saturday and I wanted to send him an email, but as soon as I opened my Inbox, a box popped up and Kunjunni had typed ‘Hi!’ So we began to chat.

Eeshta, my former classmate who is now living in China, called me yesterday and wished me a Happy New Year.  

My winter vacations are about to end and I have to go back to school next Saturday. I still have some projects to complete so I am going to be a little busy now.


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