Dubai Diary - Day 1

Are you wondering why I have not written for so many days???

I have 2 reasons…..

                1.     We went to Dubai for 4 days. Yaaayyyy!!!!
                2.    Exams are going on…

After coming from Dubai, I had a lot of class work to complete so I was very busy.

We had tons of fun in Dubai! We went to the aquarium, Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai etc.  Kochakka lives over there and we stayed with him.

The night when we arrived at Dubai airport, Kochakka was waiting for us at the arrival.  On the way from airport, Mom said “Kochakka, take us to some interesting restaurant”,  “We are on our way” he replied.  Soon we reached at “Punjabi Dhaba”. They served good food and there were even some Punjabi dances and songs.  It was the first time I was going to such a hotel and I felt it very entertaining and interesting.  Kochakka took some photos of me standing with the dancers.

There was a funny incident. When I went to take the photo, I totally forgot that I was wearing my napkin in such a way it looked like a bib.  The lady at the stage told me “isko utharo”, which means remove the bib. I felt embarrassed.  

After dinner, we strode around the pool and I felt really sleepy, because it was already 2:30 am in the morning, so we quickly went home. I was out cold when my head hit the pillow and dreamt of the exciting things we were going to do the next day.

I slept with my parents in one bed and Dad complained the next day that I had hugged him all night and was "like a magnet" and he almost fell out of the bed trying to get away.

I will continue my Dubai travelogue in next blog.


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