Me, The Great Singer

We are going on next Tuesday to India. Mom works when I am at school. She cleans the house and washes the clothes to wear in India and to wear when we come back. I have a parent teachers meeting tomorrow at school.

I was selected for the singing competition. My music sir had told me that I could sing well. Let me tell you how the day of the singing completion was:

It was on last Wednesday.

After assembly the selected participants had to sing the song in front of everybody at auditorium. When my turn came I first sang 2 stanzas of my song “country roads take me home…”. Our music Sir played the keyboard while I was singing.  Ye Gods!  I had forgotten the 1st line of the 3rd stanza. My classmates were cheering for me. I sang all over again.. Luckily, this time I remembered the lyrics well.  Then I quickly went down the stage. I was a little sad because I thought I would not receive a certificate. But what a surprise!  I actually got a certificate that I had won the third prize after 3 days! I was astonished.

My classmates and my class teacher told me I sang well and that it was a nice song. And every time someone asks our class who can sing nicely my classmates choose me. They even tell them that I got the third prize.

Yesterday we celebrated children’s day and Diwali in our school. The teachers had put on a long show. Because of that, we had lost our time and it was 12:30 when I came home. We even could not have our party properly because the bell rang fast. I think everybody is thinking to give the teachers a piece of their mind because some of my classmates had to take back their food which we even had not touched. Rakshanda had bought a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and she had to take it home. I had to take my ladoos home too.

(Psst………… I did manage to give some to my bus-mates.)    


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