From Saudi to India!

Diary, guess what day today is?

The melodious day to go to India!

Congratulations to me. I am so exited. Sorry I cannot write for a whole month. Because we will spend one day at Kulu Manali , a week at Delhi  and few days at Bangalore. All these plans are driving me crazy.

Diary, I wanted to tell you something for a long time. I decided that I will start a new blog like this one but it shall only tell stories. I know lots of people love stories and that’s why I will afterwards send them. I shall send some Amelia Jane stories. She is a teenager who is a detective and a 15-year-old. Her parents are divorced. Her father is Danny Smith and her mother is Amy Jane. Amy lives in Chicago. Amelia has 2 friends who help her in solving mysteries. They are:

A stylish girl named Berta and a tomboy named Alan.  

My parents are busy. Dresses and passports are being hurriedly packed and discussed. 

Nichikets parents visited us yesterday as we are going to India today. They are not going this time as they went to India last summer.

Niharika had told me she wished she could go to India. I had said to her it was no use, she could not go this time as she went last time.

I need to tell goodbye to all the dolls that I sleep with, especially to my favorite one Pinkisha.

Now I need to go, goodbye!

(Psst…. I will be seeing the Taj Mahal, made by a Mughal king to honor his dead wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It was made thousands of years ago.)


  1. Hi Janaki!
    We went through your blog. All of us loved it!! It was simple, sweet & highly enjoyable! Keep going!
    bala chechi


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