A new normal

So now online classes have been eating up a lot of my time, but I am well aware of the fact that the number of posts I upload every year has dwindled. This blog was one of my biggest priorities when I first started it. But life and its exams took over and now the green display behind my posts looks like it has more weeds than grass.

Yet, I find myself reaching back and digging deep, sifting through older memories and finding bits of myself abandoned and forgotten. Every time I read back, and land in Christmas of 2010, or the Bahrain trip of 2013, I’m reminded of the tiny details I had otherwise forgotten. 

So it’s important to me that I document this period of my life, just like I’ve done for every other important event.

Lockdown is currently ending on May 17th, and the future remains uncertain. We don’t know when we’ll return to college or write our exams. The number of cases in India are on the rise, but Kerala has managed to demolish the curve skillfully. 

Catching up with the news, it is now obvious that it will take time for things to go back the way they were. In fact, a lot of articles say that we must adjust to a new normal, where taking precautions against the virus becomes a way of life. 

Second semester of college continues with the power of the internet, and assignments/ tests are

regular. Ludo King has seen a popularity boost since everyone’s stuck at home, and although I’m not good at the game, I love playing with my friends. 

The past couple of days have been rainy, which is fine because I love it when it rains. The skies are pretty, winds are chilly, and the trees look like they’re having an absolute blast.

Most of the concerts that were supposed to be held this year by stars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Halsey have been cancelled, and it honestly doesn’t bother me since I wouldn’t have been able to go to any of them. But I have been a Taylor Swift fan for close to a decade, and going to one of her shows is basically at the top of my bucket list. 

It’s not just a Taylor Swift concert, it’s shows in general. I haven’t gotten an opportunity to see an artist perform live yet, but I hope that someday I will. Ayesha got to go to a BTS concert, and she said it was amazing. We were both so excited when she got her ticket because she has been a BTS fan for a while now, and it was a last minute ray of luck that got her a seat to the sold out show.

It’s so strange to not be able to make plans, or not know what to expect, but like everything else, hopefully this will pass too.


  1. Nice. You will probably have to spend more time on Online Classes, as things look, today. This is a new experience, as you have said. Maybe you will look back on these times after many years and relive the experience again.

  2. Thaan oru killaade thannee

  3. Hi , just read some of your books you donated to the DPS ( Riyadh) School Library, and found the website on the last page of the book "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" .


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