Vienna Diary

Vienna is popular for many reasons: it's been ranked as the world’s most liveable city several times, it’s home to the oldest zoo (Schönbrunn) and ferris wheel, plus it’s Austria’s capital.

But what really got me enthused was that it’s also known for its cafes. Coffee in Vienna definitely lived up to its reputation, and it ticked another box from my invisible list. 

The train station was five minutes on foot from Haus Wasserzeile. Our landlady had two adorable dogs, and I got to meet both, which made my stay all the more wonderful. 

A specialty of Haus Wasserzeile was that residents had their breakfast together at a large table. Chatting with fellow guests, who also happened to be from outside Austria, made mornings more animated. 

Vienna was more lively compared to Salzburg and Innsbruck, with restaurant hunting becoming a lot easier, and street performers adorning pathways. The four days we spent there went by quickly, and soon enough we were back in Riyadh.

We also had a very memorable visit to the Schönbrunn zoo. The aquarium was fascinating, and I got to see polar bears for the first time. The zoo’s history, however, is blemished with tragedy; the world wars took their toll, and its inhabitants suffered greatly.

The Schönbrunn palace on its own was huge. There were several tiny craft shops selling a wide variety of stuff, and we got an elegant owl made of wood, along with a ring and necklace for me. I liked the ring so much I took multiple photos of my hand. 


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