Innsbruck Diary

After our Salzburg tour, it was time for our next journey,

The dazzling photos I had seen online of the picturesque little city made me eager to visit Innsbruck. Snow capped mountains were prominent in every snap, and towered above.

Our ride from Salzburg to our destination was heavenly. Views of meadows, farmhouses and towns outside the train windows made the time fly by. Soon enough, we were at our stop.

From the Innsbruck railway station, we caught our bus. Like in Salzburg, our hotel here was also away from the city. What made it more interesting was that it was located 2000 metres above sea level.

We were to get off at Kühtai, and the bus ride there gave us a glimpse of dreamy, serene Innsbruck. My feet were itching to get off and take in the riveting scenery myself, instead of how I had been doing for too long- through a computer screen.

Bus travel between Kühtai and Innsbruck had a benefit-  guests had free access to the bus pass.

The next morning, we visited a skiing resort, 2020 metres above sea level. It was a popular skiing destination, and was packed with visitors. We stood by and watched skiers fly effortlessly down the slopes enviously.

The rest of the day was spent visiting popular tourist attractions within the city like The Golden Roof and Triumphal Arch, and meandering through Maria-Theresian street. The Golden Roof was made of more than 2,000 gilded copper tiles, and shone like fire in the sunlight. 

Eventually, it was time to go back to our residence, and get ready for our trip to Vienna the next day. 


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