The Burger Junction - Kochi

“It's black.” I noted.

“Yup.” Kunjunni showed a photo of The Samurai.

“That's red.”

No one in my family had ever seen or eaten a black/red burger, but we caught an Uber and made our way there anyway.

Inside The Burger Junction (TBJ), the menu had several options and for a while, we all just sat there stupefied.

Hellboy caught Dad's eye. It claimed to be extremely hot, owing to the fact that it’s contents included the spiciest chilli in India. Dad can handle almost any kind of chilli, and he loves spicy food, so none of us made much of an issue about it. The burger's description also mentioned that it wasn't recommended for children. Even though Dad wasn't a child, the waitress still made a special point of mentioning that it was very hot.

“I'll take that challenge.” Dad waited for the rest of us to order.

Kunjunni went for The Dark Knight. I decided to have the TBJ special. And then when the food came, Dad's burger was an angry red, like the Samurai. And Kunjunni snapped a few selfies with his burger, all while oohing and aahing.

When Dad reached for The Hellboy, we all held our breath. He took a bite, and his face remained impassive. For a minute we thought someone had finally defeated Hellboy. But then he started taking huge sips of his cold cappuccino and we knew he had failed. He then ordered a different burger after giving up.

We all took some share from the Hellboy. Mom, Kunji Chechi and I didn't have much since we didn't have any confidence in ourselves.

It was incredible to see the facial expressions of everyone change from everything's-fine-and-dainty to omg-I-need-some-milk. At first, I didn't have any issues. Then slowly, it felt like something was burning in my throat, and soon, I was grabbing at my drink.

Kunjunni felt the largest blow. He had taken a bigger share, and he needed sips from everyone's drink before he could calm down.

The Dark Knight was a success. The black buns were slightly different in texture from regular bread, but it was pretty good overall.                 

The Burger Junction has more options than the normal fast food restaurant, and it's pretty cheerful, so my family and I would definitely recommend it, and come back again.


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