Matriarchy, the Virtual Reality

“Look at them.” Vaishnavi scowled at some little kids running nearby, with their laughs ringing through the atmosphere. “All so happy and cheerful; they’ll be suffering like us when they grow older and have a heap of work piled on them.”

That’s the same reaction I had when I heard one of Mom’s friend’s daughter had just started going to school. I had said “Oh, poor thing.”

Now in eleventh grade, I can hardly believe that only twelfth is left. Somehow, it feels like the years just flew by.

These last few weeks have been busy. Chandana, Nanditha and I met up at Pizza Hut for dinner together during the first week of school, and recently, I got a Daydream VR headset.

Dad received a Google Pixel as a gift, and when we found out it had this feature called Daydream VR on it, we were obsessed. Mom and I were in India at that time, and I thought Dad had received the headset along with the phone, but apparently, it was something to be bought separately.

Kunjunni was pretty thrilled too. Neither of us had ever got to experience virtual reality before, so it was something to talk about.

When I reached Riyadh, Dad and I ordered the headset online, and it reached us on his birthday.

It’s absolutely amazing. While wearing the headset, you can transport yourself to wherever you want. I even played the VR game of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” But it was slightly disappointing, because despite the fact that I got to swish a wand around, the game was pretty short. After meeting the three creatures, I was pretty bored and realized that was it.

Last night, we went to Euromarche for some purchases, and Mom asked us if we wanted biriyani the next afternoon for lunch. Dad and I said NO almost  immediately, which annoyed Mom, so she said she would make it anyway,  leaving us stunned, because then, there was no point in asking us.

This obviously displays the veto power Mom has at home.


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