Herfy Café and Grill

Trying out new restaurants is a happiness my parents and I share together, and we found that there was a great one right under our noses. (There is absolutely nothing better than feeling the weight of a fork and a knife in my hands and thinking of all the good things to come).

Herfy Café and Grill had its name written in Arabic, so it wasn’t something very noticeable. We’d drive right past without realizing how we had just missed something that was built for the growth of mankind.

It’s a cozy little restaurant, more different from the rest in terms of seating because the chairs are more like couches and a lot more comfier.­­ ­­ I ordered a Herfy chicken cordon bleu (absolutely delicious) with pasta as a side dish.

The breakfast menu also seems interesting, which means I’M COMING BACK!

It’s something we would definitely like to come back to and try again, and I would recommend it to food lovers like me (Welcome to the club, y’all).

After a food-filled week in Riyadh, Mom and I are going back to India, where I have already missed two days of classes (School attendance was never really my best. Last year, I had the least attendance compared to everyone else in my class.). 


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