Movie Time

 I watched a total of four movies in India this time- ‘Inside-Out’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Premam’ and ‘Ant-Man’.  They were amazing. But one notable mention is ‘Jurassic World’, which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I hope one more movie comes out! I have watched all the ‘Jurassic’ movies and they get better every time! Raaawwrrrr!!!

What I like about them the most is the suspense. One minute you give out a sigh of relief, next minute you’ll be screaming, and running like Usain Bolt from a hungry dino! Woo-hoo!

Except ‘Premam’, I watched all the movies with Kunjunni and Kunji chechi, so it was double the fun. Kunjunni really wanted to see ‘Ant-Man’. But all I could say was ‘Seriously? Ant-Man?’

“It has a high rating.”

“It’s going to be lame.”

“You can decide that after the movie’’.

In the end, I loved it. I declared that while we were leaving the theater and got a smug look in return, plus, an ‘I told you so.’ In fact, if there is a sequel, I’d probably be the first one to watch it.

Minions” was a miss though. We didn’t get time to see it. But according to the reviews I’ve read so far, everyone said it was quite disappointing.

Before ‘Inside-Out’ was previewed a short musical called ‘I lava you’ was shown, in which a volcano finds true love. It was really sweet and funny.

The advertisements in a theater are pretty annoying. And after them comes the trailers. I was slightly, okay, a LOT terrified that they would show the trailer of ‘Insidious- Chapter 3’ as well, because of my never-ending fear of horror movies. I probably have a phobia called horror-movie-phobia or something because the slightest of creepiness is enough to send a shiver down my spine and give me several restless nights along with a fear of mirrors.

Kunjunni and Kunji chechi along with their parents had gone to see it before we arrived in India. Kunjunni described everything to me.

“Kunji chechi and Mom had their eyes closed and their fingers plugged in their ears the whole time. Mom was telling Dad ‘Okay this is enough, let’s go home, let’s get out, let’s go, let’s go.’ I think only me and Dad actually watched the full movie. You should have seen their faces!”

Kunjunni and I may be of the same age, but we have several differences between us, one of them being me be terrified while watching a horror movie, him just watching it without giving the slightest hint of being scared. Like the time we watched ‘Orphan’. I was creeped out, but he watched the entire movie without a blink. Though the thing is, if I wasn’t so scared of them, I would really enjoy watching them. Somehow, I am really interested in horror, and that can also be the reason I read countless scary movie plots. Chandana shares this interest as well, and that’s why she’s always happy to listen to me about a horror movie.

Nanditha, on the other hand, gets scared as well, but is always ready to watch one. This just shows you how many types of people are there in the world.

I have no idea about Savithri’s interest though. She and Kunjunni are the two and only cousins I have my age. Kunjunni was born at the ending of December in the year 2000, I on June, 2001 and Savithri two months later. Valyamma likes to refer to it as “the time your grandmother’s blood pressure increased”.

So, I guess everyone has their own horror.


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