German Diary (Deutsch Tagebuch)

I put down my headphones and observed everyone around me. Mom was sleeping with her mouth open and Dad was nodding off.  I had just watched ‘Night of the Museum 3’ on the TV in front of me, and I gotta admit, it was kinda lame compared to the first two movies.

As the plane touched down, I quickly put in my earplugs and felt the pressure on my ears. I looked out of the window and saw Germany’s surface. Mom, who was now awake (and had quickly closed her mouth) looked out with me.

Dad’s project had won an award from SAP and the award ceremony was to take place at Walldorf.  So Mom and I came too and we decided to stay in Heidelberg for 5 days.

As we neared the exit of Frankfurt airport, I saw someone holding my name. Boy, was I surprised! I mean I have seen plenty of people do that, but for me…… awesome!

Germany was amazing; in fact it was beautiful. It’s like how you see in those movies; lush green trees on both sides and then later endless green fields stretching on and of course the large hills at the back. The scenery was so relaxing, it was so cool inside the car, the seat was so soft, it was so peaceful, must not fall asleep, must not……..ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.  


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