Swimming at Al Manahil

Are you itching to turn on the AC?

Do you need a break from the sun?

Are you getting a tan INSIDE the house?

Not to worry! Al Manahil Fitness centre is the place for YOU!

Here we are provided with all facilities for those who wish to become thinner, lighter, muscular and healthier! And also, to break away from the heat and sweat, go for a jump, a dive and a swim in the pool.

This is the place I went to yesterday since I was dying for a swim. The blue of the water blinded me and the place itself made me stand in awe. It’s a really lively place, only for women though.

I usually go during the vacation. I learned swimming in the second grade and take every opportunity to swim.

I had trouble swimming the first few laps, but after that, it was a breeze.

In the shallow part of the pool, there was a swimming class going on for the little kids.

Dad waited outside till we were done. I was starving, so we went to get a few bits to eat.  


  1. cool...I WANNA GO THERE
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    The link is:http://rsoundarya0707.blogspot.in/2015/04/nothing-in-particular1-and-you-can-vote.html
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    Amazing post and I love your blog <3


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