The awesome party at Chandana's home

Last night was an awesome, awesome night.

Chandana held a party at her home again, and this time out of the 16 girls of 8-D, 12 people showed up, including me.

Chandana lives in a huge compound that has a clubhouse, restaurant, shop and playgrounds filled with swings and slides at every corner. It’s practically a gateway to heaven.

After everyone came, we had some starters, which were chocolate chip cookies, tuna sandwiches, laddoos, chicken puffs, fish pakodas and soup, all home-made by Chandu’s mom and totally delicious.

When we reached the first playground during our tour of the compound, everyone took off like miniatures of Usain Bolt for the swings. People who snagged them first swung for some time. Then someone would jump on quickly after them.

I swung a couple of times, and then got off when some younger children were looking at us. I felt pretty ridiculous. But hey, who can resist swings?

The tour of the compound took a little more than an hour with quick stops on the playgrounds and a trip to a small shop. Chandu lead us inside and we stood there feeling confused.

“We don’t have any money”, I whispered to Chandana. “We don’t need any” she said. “This is free.” After those 3 words came out of her mouth, everyone practically looted the store of ice-creams, chips, Pepsi and juice.

Eeshta, our old classmate who is in China now, also called on my phone and I passed my phone around for everyone else to chat with her.

Dinner was pizza from Pizza! Pizza! and out of the 4 types, I tried 3. We watched the horror movie ‘Mama’. Technically, only few people watched because the others had learned their lesson after watching ‘The Conjuring.’ Most of us swiped through the photos we took on our phones, or covered our eyes and ears. Sadly for me, my phone’s battery soon died and I had to go for the latter.

A short story with a very reasonable moral-

“Once upon a time, a girl called Faiza invited all her classmates to her home for a party. Everyone was very excited and they sat down to watch the movie called ‘The Conjuring.’ They had all thought that they were fearless and reckless, but after this very scary movie, they nearly wet their pants and did not sleep for a week. The end.”

Moral: Never watch a horror movie unless you are absolutely sure you can sleep at night with the lights off. 


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